The BP Oil Spill: The Law-Related Aftermath

The BP oil spill did an enormous amount of damage, and BP are now responsible for paying for that damage. In order to avoid tying up the courts with a whole series of lawsuits the Department of Justice have come to a settlement with BP to make sure that all claims for damage are taken care of. If you have a claim it is important to understand how the process works.

The aftermath of the BP oil spill is that a great deal of damage was done by the spill and the BP are now responsible for paying for the damage. In order to do this they have reached a settlement with the Department of Justice to create a pool to pay any claimants for damages that they are responsible for. In the initial settlement there were some pretty strict rules placed on what could be claimed and what could not be claimed. Therefore control has now been turned over to the courts to make these decisions and there is now considerably more flexibility.

The biggest change that has occurred with the bp settlement is that it is now possible to claim damages for things that were not covered under the old system. The biggest things here are that you can now make claims for the loss of use of property and for any damage that was done during the process of cleaning up the spill. In addition the amounts that can be claimed have also been increased and the way that they are calculated have changed to offer a more realistic assessment of the true cost of the damages that occurred.

One of the reasons for the change that has taken place to the way that claims are administered is to make it more fair for all claimants. In particular to make it more transparent how decisions are being made. Under the new system the court appoints an administrator whose job is to make sure that all claims are filled properly and that they are all treated equally. They will also provide full documentation of any decisions that are made so that you will know why they were made.

There are a lot of claimants for damages as a result of the BP oil spill so it is important to make sure that if you have a claim that you file it is quickly as possible. Not only will this get you your money faster but it will also make sure that your claim is processed while there is still money in the pot to pay for the damages. In order to make it easy for people to file their claims it can now be done online. Once that is done it will be sent to a claims assistance center which will help to get it processed.